Thursday, 29 August 2013

Etsy Feature: SofiaVidal

Today I share, behind the scene process of Sofia's shop 
The moment I stumbled across her shop, I knew I had to ask her all about the process and her inspiration. Her work is the most unique and very fascinating at the same time, each piece has this charm, that you instantly want to know more about it!

( I fell in love with this one, the moment I saw it )

-What is your favourite part of creating unique ceramic-ware?

S: Since i work mostly with slipcasting, model and mold making consumes a lot of time before the first piece is made, so when i finally cast the first piece in clay, that moment can be a joy by itself because all the expectations I have.

-- Have you always wanted to do that? To Work with clay?

S: Yes, have been always attracted by ceramics. 

- Which is your personal favourite of them?

S: I love functional ceramics, specially when the cultural context has influenced them

- How does your normal working day looks like?

S: I usually work as a product designer during the day, so I spend my spare time to work in the studio, plus I teach ceramics in the university.

 - What is your most memorable moment, when opening a shop on Etsy?

S:  I never expected having so many positive comments from people, definitely the first couple of days receiving so many messages where very happy for me.

All images belong to SofiaVidal

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