Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Here are a few pencil colour landscapes I made a while ago.

 It is inspired by a painting by Van Gogh. I love his impressionist paintings.

What do you think?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

DIY : Tassel Heels

What you need:
- a pair of tie-ups
- colourful tassels

You can either choose similar shades as your footwear or you can also pick contrasting tassels. For black heels, pick golden tassels, for a statement look.

 Tie the tassel at each string or you can also use glue gun to fix them (more permanent solution)

  Here is the final look!!

Monday, 25 March 2013


The beautiful city, the lovely weather and the mesmerizing Eiffel. 

Here is to missing the beautiful memories of Paris

Which is the most memorable trip you have had yet??

Friday, 22 March 2013

Time for metallics : GET THE LOOK  
Weekend is almost here, ready to rock some metallics??

And here is how you get it 

Silver and black are my fav metallics! What are your shades for the season?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Peach posie!!

The super hot weather is making me happy about one thing. The soft and shimmery summer looks. I am already in love with the peach-ish and coral colour palette.

 My fav blush colour these days. It provides the most natural flush of colour for the summer, more of a sun kissed look and I love the tiny amount of shimmer, it works as a highlighter too. 

These hoops are my go-to jewellery. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dreaming pretty.....

Hey all, hope you had a great start to your week. I spent most of the Monday in bed consequences of working on weekend. 

And here is something I finished a while back. 

been going crazy over lace!!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Flea market: The experience

Being at the event was a great experience,  had so much fun :)

It was tiring because of the heat and the long hours, but the food was yum!!
 Thank you to everyone who was there :)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

All prepped up....

This whole week has gone by to prepare for the very first exhibition of Rosabelle Treasures.

New colours and new jewels. Well if you are in town, you should definitely check it out!!

Event details at Rosabelle Treasures.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Bonjour, mon chérie

Hey all, hope you had a great weekend. I spent this one resting and going back to the routine. Another highlight of my trip, is the weekend in Paris. The weather was pleasant and the city was mesmerizing.

Most of my time, I spent with the desserts, they are just as delicious as they look.

And macaroons were my favourite. 

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Erfahrung Im Deutschland : My trip to Germany

Das was mein erste Ausflug alleine. Das war auch die erste mal, weg von den Familie. Wenn ich war an dem Flughafen, ich fuehle sehr begeistert. Aber schon hate ich die Gefuhl, dass alles was ich mache jetzt, soll ich selbst machen soll. Gibt neimand zu helfen. Diese Gefuhl war nicht so gut. Erste Tag habe ich nach Berlin gefaehrt. Da war sehr kalt und auch gibt zu viel Schnee. Alles war sehr schoen. Alles war sehr unterschiedlich von Indien. Ich konnte mit mein Familie fuer vier Tagen nicht sprechen. Alles war neu und schon habe ich gelernt, daran gewoehnlich zu sein. Spaeter habe ich viele Stadten besucht, mit dem Bus, mit dem Bahn. Alles war sehr schoen. Vor viel Jahren hatte ich geplant dort zu studieren, aber im diesem Ausflug konnte ich nicht zu Hause fuehlen. Jetzt weiss ich nicht, was soll ich machen. 

I came back home yesterday. It was my first trip alone, my first time in a flight and the first time away from family. When I was at the airport, I was very excited, everything was perfect, or so it seemed, but soon enough I got the feeling, that I was in this alone. Everything that I do, I have to do alone, nobody to help me. No friends there. Family very far away. This feeling wasn't pretty. First day I went to Berlin alone. It was very cold, so much snow everywhere. So beautiful. A picture taken from a gorgeous fairytale. Everything was so different from here. I couldnt speak with my Family for four days, and trust me that was a long time. So many new things everywhere but soon enough I learned to live with it. To an even enjoy it. I visited places...I travelled with trains and buses and it was fun. I wanted this trip from a long time, I always wanted to study there. I love the language, I learnt it too, but the whole trip it felt weird.....not home. Now I am confused about what I should do.