Friday, 29 November 2013

Currently Loving...

Hey all, Hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving! Loads of fun with family and tonnes of beautiful memories. 
It's always lovely to have gratitude....and being thankful. I am thankful to be surrounded by such lovely people and thoughts of happiness. 

and sharing my current fav! Check more at Rosabelle Treasures

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sneak Peak : outfit post

Hey all, hope you having a great day! 

This is the dress I finished a while ago. 
I love the frill at the bottom....outfit post coming sooon!!

maybe will pair it with this? what say??

Monday, 25 November 2013

Etsy Feature: Creatiate

Do you love crafting so much that you dream about all the pretty stamps? Well, I have got just the right place for you!! Creatiate

This place is loaded with all the pretty stamps you can image! I am especially smitten by this feather one! Isn't it just adorable?

So lets hear it from Sarah.....

- What is your favourite part of creating beautiful stamps?

S: I love the sketching, drawing & brainstorming stage of making. I get to have complete freedom over this part of the process, and I could spend hours just writing up new ideas. 

- Have you always wanted to do that?

S: I have always wanted to have a creative business, but I wasn't sure what type until I really just got started. I made cards and boxes, but once I started with stamp making, I was hooked.

- Which is your personal favourite of them?

S: I'm not sure I could really choose a favorite, but I definitely love patterns the best. If I had to choose, probably the modern circles pattern. It is versatile, and I use it a lot to make up last-minute gift wrap for birthdays and holidays.

- How does your normal working day looks like?

S: I am up around 7am to answer emails & send out design proofs for orders that have been placed. Once I finish responding to overnight e-mail, I make up a To-Do list and then get straight to making stamps that have been ordered. If I finish filling orders before 4pm, I will sit with a sketch pad (and usually some of my favorite hot tea) and draw out new design ideas for the shop. I usually break for a trip to the gym around 4, and when I return I always sit with my notebook and a pack of colorful markers to brainstorm new ideas. 

- What is your most memorable moment, when opening a shop on Etsy?

S: When I was just starting out in stamp making, I had a customer place an order for a big, beautiful logo stamp. I still remember, it was a huge ball of yarn & her business name. I was so honored that she had chosen me! Since then, I have made hundreds of custom orders, and it is still a thrill and a privilege to have others commission me to make stamps for their businesses, weddings, and other personal events.

Thank you so much Sarah for sharing :)

All images belong to Creatiate

Friday, 22 November 2013

Pretty Little things

To share my love for all things pretty!! Go ahead and check out this Treasury

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pink+Silver = Pretty

I love winters, I love snow...I love blankets....I love all the warm fuzzy, cozy feelings that I get in winter. 
and this mani reminds me of snowflakes....

Hope you like it !!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Its raining HOOPS!!!

Hey everyone! hope you having a colourful week. I spent the last few days being under the weather but to cheer me up....I have been creating colourful hoops. 

My fav is the turquoise one. To check them out go to Rosabelle Treasures

Monday, 18 November 2013

Etsy Feature: LuxeSoapsbyBOSSGirls

Delicious smells, catchy colours and oh so good feel. Well are you just as crazy about bath products as I am? then you get to see this one!

So lets hear it from Kristina, the story behind a beautiful shzop :)

- What is your favourite part of creating beautiful bath collection?and have you always wanted to do that?

K: After putting in long hours as a programmer during the day, I turn inward and spend quality time with God by making inspiring fragrances, body butters, and soaps that captivate my personal experiences, revelations, and hopes. I am inspired and assured by His peace and love. It is my way of communicating with God.

- Which is your personal favourite of them?

K: That is hard to answer. Each one of them represents the finale of a conversation that I had with God. But, if I had to pick just one, it would be the Balinese Honey Mint Soap. I had such high aspirations when I started out to create this soap. What I ended up with was a MESS. This was a soap that I created without talking to God first and going about it on my own. After my initial disappointment, I sought Him out and we were able to make something beautiful out of something that I was going to throw away. This was God telling me that there is beauty in everything, you just have to seek it out.

- How does your normal working day looks like?

K: My normal work day requires me to put on my thinking cap and solve problems. I do not have many opportunities to be creative at my real job.

- What is your most memorable moment, when opening a shop on Etsy?

K: I was very nervous about putting my personal "conversations" on display for the world to see and judge. I just knew no one would get it. But when I got my first sell, the Lord reminded me that folks are seeking beauty in things that aren't so obvious. There is a soap for every person and a conversation to go along with it

Thank you so much Kristina for sharing with us. 

 All images belong to LuxeSoapsbyBOSSGirls

Friday, 15 November 2013

Currently Loving!!

Simple yet Statement....

Loving these pretty jewels...
they come in beautiful colours too :)

Head out to Rosabelle Treasures

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Quick and easy: Good wishes card

So this was a last minute whip up for some cute cards. 

I used my very loyal craft punches, and added a little bit of colour to the sheet and wrote the message behind it. 
Something super easy to do, for a very priceless smile :)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

All Hail Heston!

Hey everyone! If you follow Masterchef Australia, then you must be just as excited this week as I am as it is Heston week. 

Honestly I didn't know much about him either before this Monday, when he walked into the Masterchef kitchen,but then I remembered that I had seen an episode before with him in it, couple seasons back...and I remembered the moment.....I was just awestruck

The moment he walked in, everyone was gasping, squealing...everyone was so super excited. Heston had this aura, following behind him every step of the way.
I am not much of a cook, but I sure would love to get better at it. Anyway that is not the reason of this post, its the fact about how inspiring the man is. 

His cooking, his philosophy, his reputation. He is self taught and to add to it, he is just remarkable at what he does. The more you read about him, the more you watch just fills you with inspiration and awe. 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Finally!! I did it

Hey all, I am so excited to share the news with you all.

I have a ETSY STORE!!!

I wanted to do this for a while, but I kept putting it off for some reason. I guess I was nervous and excited at the same time.

It would mean the world to me...if you guys would check it out and let me know what you think...

So head out now Rosabelle Treasures Etsy store! weeeee

Monday, 11 November 2013

Etsy Feature: PotteryLodge

Looking for something special? something made with love? something just so adorable that it is so hard to resist?.....then you have to head out to PotteryLodge

Beautiful ceramic-ware, oh so pretty designs and a very sweet owner!

So lets hear it from Casi...

I grew up around pottery. My great-grandmother and grandmother both enjoyed cast slipping and had a little shed in the backyard where they kept their molds and kiln. Life happened and the shed was locked up for about 10 years. I've always been into arts and crafts and one day I called up my grandmother and asked if she would teach me how to cast molds. She was over the moon excited and that's how it all started!! I researched new techniques, explored clay building, which my grandmother had never learned herself. I started playing with textures, shapes, sizes, and even making my own molds.

All of my planters are hand built starting with a ball of red clay, carefully and patiently formed then left to dry for several days. Once the clay is moisture free I fire them in my kiln for 4 hours. After firing they have to remain in the kiln for an additional 12 hours. The pieces are then glazed which can take hours depending on the design. I then kiln fired again for 4 hours, cooling for 12. Its a long process for each piece whether made with casting slip or slab clay.

My lace ceramics are made using white clay. I roll out a small slab on canvas and then take one of my great grandmothers vintage doily and press it into the clay. I then take a shaped cutter, heart, circle, or whatever shape I'm making and press that into the clay to get the shape I want. For my heart jewelry dishes, after cutting out about 5-10 of them I will lay them on wood to dry. Every hour or so I will go and slightly lift up the edges to get a curved look. It takes about 5 days for them to dry enough before firing them. The firing process is the same as with all of my pottery. 4 hours to fire, 12 hours to cool, glaze, fire again.

My work is very personal to me. My kiln is only 3 ft tall so my production time is slow as I can only fit a small batch of pottery in with each firing. Pieces can't touch while firing or else they will stick to each other, so I only can make a small amount each time, but it gives me more time to work with each piece and discover new techniques. I'm a glaze junkie and absolutely love combining glazes and getting to see what will happen when this glaze and this glaze will do when applied together. It's like Christmas morning every time I open my kiln!

I know that it may be a little too long....but I have to share it...its so sweet and inspiring :)

- What is your favourite part of creating inspiring ceramic ware?

 C: I think my favorite part is glazing pieces! It's really fun to experiment with glazes and how they interact with each other. 

- Have you always wanted to do that?

C: Honestly, not really. I've always been into the arts, but it wasn't until I found out about etsy a few years ago that I wanted to start experimenting with clay. I saw etsy and all the beautiful shops and it really inspired me to branch out and gave me the confidence to start selling my ceramics. 

- Which is your personal favourite of them?

C: My fox planters! I love them! They are so stinking cute and I absolutely love the way they look. My lace ceramics are also my favorites as well. I love getting to show my great grandmother my lace ceramics and she loves that its her lace that in pressed into them. Its very rewarding. 

- How does your normal working day looks like?
C: A normal work day starts with checking emails and messages, then packaging orders to shipping. I then spend the rest of the day getting my hands muddy working on existing orders and creating new pieces. I'm consistently working, many times I'm up at 1am just in the zone creating. I have a whole notebook full of ideas so I always have something I'm working on.

- What is your most memorable moment, when opening a shop on Etsy?

C: Probably my first international sell, which was to the U.K. Since then I've sold to Austria, Canada, Norway, Australia, Singapore, Argentina and more! It's just so neat to know my work is being enjoyed on a global level. 

All images belong to PotteryLodge

Friday, 8 November 2013

Prepping for a New Look!

I am so excited about the new look!

Sharing a peak!!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Diwali Mani!!

It was overall a sparkly day!! Will be sharing the outfit too!!

This is my fav plum shade! with added glitter :D

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Diwali Fun!!

Wishing everyone a lot of happiness and joy this Diwali!!

Here is a glimpse of all the decor I did

I spent the first half of the day making this...

How was yours??

Monday, 4 November 2013

Etsy Feature: AgathasBags

Beautiful bags, quirky designs and bright colours are some of the qualities that catches your eyes at this shop

so adorable!!

In conversation with Anna to know more about her work!

- What is your favourite part of making creative bags?

A: My Favorite part of creating bags is the moment when it turns out better than the idea.The process itself is fairly simple, but each bag has a piece of me.

- Have you always wanted to do that?

A: I finished sewing school, then I had a few years break. Then I rediscovered  the secrets of sewing and thanks to the previously acquired skills I can transfer my vision from paper to fabric easily.

- Which is your personal favourite of them? 

A: I like to sew, and mostly just handbags, but still looking for something new and unique. 

 my favourite!

- How does your normal working day looks like? 

A: I work professionally , sewing bags is my passion.I am a mother of 5-year Agatha so I can not devote myself entirely to my passion as I have a family too. I have a husband who understands my passion and often helps me. I find time for sewing in the evening when the baby sleeps and I have taken care of all the home responsibilities.

- What is your most memorable moment, when opening a shop on Etsy?

A: A memorable moment on etsy is the day in which I opened my shop, I had a lot of hits. Waiting for the next big thing happens....when you sell!

 Thank you Anna for sharing :)

All images belong to AgathasBags

Friday, 1 November 2013


It's an outfit post!I paired my favourite top with denim and some of my most loved cuffs. I love this top for 2 reasons
- it turned out better than I thought
- it's so comfortable.
I wanted the peplum style but with double layer. So I went with satin and georgette.

Have a fun weekend :)