Friday, 25 April 2014

Peaks of my week

( a new fountain pen is always a good idea)
This week has been crazy, and I mean CRAZY!! So much to do, yet still work keeps piling work. Its been a little tough lately to balance work and studies, but I am trying my best. Well, I do have an exam tomorrow, and there are these tiny butterflies in my stomach floating around aimlessly, waiting for tomorrow to get over =P, 

(preparing stock for an upcoming exhibition)
(midnight art!!)
I love working on paintings, whenever I need to relax and it brings nothing but JOY!!

(because who doesn't love potatoes)

Have a great Weekend!!

Guess who we SPOTTED!!

Sumona is wearing the Veronica cuff from Rosabelle Treasures

Have you picked yours yet??

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Another Fun Giveaway!!

 There is a fun Giveaway happening over at Rosabelle Treasures

To enter: 

1. Like the Rosabelle Treasures page

2. Comment on one of the necklaces that you would like to have. 
lucy chic or gold and silver

Don't miss the fun!!

Currently loving : Bodyshop Lippy

I have been using this delight for a week, and it is AMAzingg

It smells so good, like fresh strawberries and I feel like eating it all up (but, i dont't )

It really heals the chapped lips and its not too greasy as well. :)

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Arm Candy just keeps getting better!!

Been juggling so many things together. Exam days are coming closer and closer everyday and so is the time for exhibition. 

Sharing a peek of some new designs, I am working on :)

I love how these babies add instant glam to any outfit

My fav one!! <3 Check out more at Rosabelle Treasures

Monday, 14 April 2014

[Monday Mani]

I am back to the "glitters" 
Told ya, can't stay away for long!

I love how this pick shade, has this shell like shine to it. When you see it in the light, it looks bluish 

I have used plum shade of glitter as top coat. The glitter doesn't have much colour in it. 

Friday, 11 April 2014

A fun filled Week

I practically spent the week, playing dress-up for all the birthday lunches and dinners :) It was so much fun. Managed to squeeze in some dresses and jewellery wok as well. (pics coming up) Overall it was a great sweetness filled week, which is going to be taken over by super hectic coming up one. Loads of work to catch up with.

(love the lindt pralinen)
 (present time)

Ended the week on a sweet note....baking with mum...
(fresh batch of yummy muffins)

Have a great Weekend :D

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Let's do Shimmy!!

This is one of those go- to pieces from my wardrobe, which I love to wear anytime and is super comfortable. 

It's a halter dress with 3-tier skirt. I used georgette for this. So lucky to have found polka dots in it :D

I paired it with this super gorgoues piece. You can find it here

Love the flowy skirt and the overall fun-flirty look of this dress.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Princess was the theme!

Here are just few of the images from the Birthday. It was amazing. Thank you so much for all the wishes and love <3

The one thing I was super excited about, was the TIARA. I couldn't wait to get ready...

I will be sharing more images, once I transfer them all. I am still living the birthday with all the belated lunches and dinners :)

Here is the glimpse of the second gown...more to follow!

Monday, 7 April 2014

{Birthday Mani}

I tried marble art for the first time. It would look way better with bright colours, since I was wearing two gowns in one day.I had to find some common ground. 

I love the swirls of silver and white. 

To brighten up the whole look, I added pink glitter on tips!

What do you think? Have you tried marble art yet?

Sunday, 6 April 2014

The journey so far....

One of the gowns I wore on the Birthday, love this combo...
Last year has been amazing, my last birthday started on the note of my dream trip :)

I did so much and learned so much since then. I haven't figured it all out but I am getting there. The idea of joining the college for my Bachelor's but on my own terms has been a little shaky. I guess its not working out the way I thought it would. I guess its true to say...I am a little undecided

On the other hand I am doing what I love right now, which is making jewellery and clothes and it is so much fun and I am so happy and thankful for that. 

I wish this year is as lovely as the last one in the least, hope it teaches me more and help me make some decisions along the way...

Here is to more fun, more work and more happiness :D

Happy Birthday To me!!

 I am super excited, my outfits finally came together at the last minute. 

So, I am turning 21 this birthday but it doesn't feel like it. I actually have instances where I forget that I am that old. I guess I am stuck at the 18 phase. Nevertheless I am always cheery and happy on my birthdays and It hardly plays a role; how old I am turning!
most delicious mango cheesecake ever!!
I can't wait to share the gowns!!

Friday, 4 April 2014

This week's Sweetness

This week has been the complete excitement build up towards the birthday (this sunday)
Can't wait to share what I will be wearing!!
But the weather is no way in my favour. It just gets hotter and hotter everyday and I have been trying to keep my cool, by eating cold yummy things :D

Finally tried Magnum, dint like it :(

And no week is complete without sending some love!!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Completely Smitten

My Birthday is coming Sunday and I am just so excited. I am really working hard to finish the gowns on time (here is a glimpse of one)

I love the sequin work and the greyish colour, 
would love to pair it with these heels..

Nothing says bling, like these babies!! <3

 If there would be a pair of heels that I never would take off, it would be these