Monday, 30 December 2013

Etsy Feature: RossLab

If you are looking for something pretty and adorable, to add to the collection of things made with love! You have to visit RossLab

Super adorable

So lets ask Rossella, how she does it all....

- What is your favourite part of creating beautiful ceramic ware?

R: I really like the designing and decorating process. I constantly work on my designs and process because I believe colors and patterns are just as important as shape and functionality. Some of my pieces take up to an hour to paint, and I often use four different glazes that have to be applied at different times. Every step is necessary to obtain the final result. Details are key to me – from testing and selecting the best raw materials to using extra care to pack every piece on its way to my customers.

- Have you always wanted to do that?

R: Yes, I have. It is always been something I wanted to try, and when I finally had the chance to do it it felt right. The potters' wheel is highly addictive!

- Which is your personal favourite of them?

R: My favorite piece to make is the ceramic vase from my Black Bird Fly collection. I throw it on the potter’s wheel in the same relaxing and meditative way I throw all my pieces, but decorating it is truly special. I hand paint nine black swallows on each vase, and afterwards I see a flock of birds before my eyes. It’s like staring at the sky on a clear spring day, and it always cheers me up!

- How does your normal working day looks like?

R: It really depends on what other tasks I have for that day, but I try to work on the potter's wheel during the day, when the studio is sunny and warm, and keep other duties for the evening (packing orders, answering emails, etc.).

- What is your most memorable moment, when opening a shop on Etsy?

R: I came to Etsy by chance, opening my shop when I had no more room to store all my pieces. I wasn’t planning to start a business, but after some positive feedback I decided to turn it into a full-time job. Since then, my shop has grown bigger and my creations have evolved, but my customers' emails and thank you notes are still the what makes every day memorable.

 Thank you Rossella for sharing. 

All images belong to RossLab

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