Monday, 4 November 2013

Etsy Feature: AgathasBags

Beautiful bags, quirky designs and bright colours are some of the qualities that catches your eyes at this shop

so adorable!!

In conversation with Anna to know more about her work!

- What is your favourite part of making creative bags?

A: My Favorite part of creating bags is the moment when it turns out better than the idea.The process itself is fairly simple, but each bag has a piece of me.

- Have you always wanted to do that?

A: I finished sewing school, then I had a few years break. Then I rediscovered  the secrets of sewing and thanks to the previously acquired skills I can transfer my vision from paper to fabric easily.

- Which is your personal favourite of them? 

A: I like to sew, and mostly just handbags, but still looking for something new and unique. 

 my favourite!

- How does your normal working day looks like? 

A: I work professionally , sewing bags is my passion.I am a mother of 5-year Agatha so I can not devote myself entirely to my passion as I have a family too. I have a husband who understands my passion and often helps me. I find time for sewing in the evening when the baby sleeps and I have taken care of all the home responsibilities.

- What is your most memorable moment, when opening a shop on Etsy?

A: A memorable moment on etsy is the day in which I opened my shop, I had a lot of hits. Waiting for the next big thing happens....when you sell!

 Thank you Anna for sharing :)

All images belong to AgathasBags

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