Wednesday, 26 March 2014

DIY : Jewellery Display Board

This has been a long overdue post. Been planning to put it since forever. 

I initially made this display board for my room, but it was very handy and also a fun element at the exhibition as well. 

What you need
- Wood piece
- Side panels of wood
- Nobs and handles
- nails, hammer, fevicol...

For a simpler version, you can take the wood piece and get it framed and then add on the nobs and handle. I made this board from scratch. 

- Was trying out different paint patches for side paneling. Used enamel paint with mettalic dust. 

- Finally decided on this! If you are painting your own side panels. Give it a good time to dry.

 - Attached the panels with fevicol and nails. 

- Add all the knobs and handles. Be careful with the drilling machine. You can also get the holes done by a professional. I also added a single coat of clear varnish.

- Ta daaaa...

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