Sunday, 11 November 2012

GUEST POST:Over-sized and eco-friendly: Chanel’s new message

Hi all, hope you had a great weekend. Today I am really excited to share Catherine's work on my blog.
Here is a really interesting article she give it a read!! :)

 With the runways of Paris Fashion week cleared for another year, it’s time to
take in the lessons of haute couture from France’s crème de la crème, the
House of Chanel. Set in the exceedingly grand interiors of the Grand Palais,
Chanel’s ready to wear spring/summer collection definitely lived up to its
surroundings by offering a show of epic proportions.

Perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of this year’s entire fashion show was
Chanel’s enormous hula hoop beach bag. This used the simple, traditional
quilted design of classic handbags, but encased it in two hula hoop handles
large enough to make you rethink taking the bus!
“It’s for the beach”, Lagerfeld explained to reporters after the show. “You need
space for the beach towel, huh? And then you can put it into the sand and
hang things on it.”

It wasn’t just the beach bag that was over-sized in Karl Lagerfeld’s collection:
there were enormous pearls, wide stretching sun hats and 19-metre high
wind turbines. Yes, 19-metre high wind turbines; Chanel, along with other
top fashion houses, is on a drive to promote sustainability and eco-friendly
fashion on the catwalk and red carpet. The runway itself was installed with
solar panel grids and 13 huge revolving wind turbines. Models wore dresses
with solar panel motifs, and the pearls worn around their necks were not the
white pearls synonymous with House Chanel, but silver to represent beads of
mercury from a shattered thermometer.

Sustainability of the planet aside, the consensus is that Lagerfeld boldly
showcased the simple elegance of the brand imparted to him, keeping close
Coco Chanel’s own mantra that ‘simplicity is the keynote of elegance’. From
its origins as a millinery shop, opened by Coco Chanel in 1909, to ‘the Chanel
suit’ and the ‘little black dress’, the Chanel brand has its own historic success
story to tell. If Paris is anything to go by, that story is very much far from over.

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