Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Pretty shoes

Well, it seems like you can never have too many pairs of shoes, I have been painting them a lot frequently...they are just so pretty :)
But somehow my go to pair is still a red and a black one....
So do you have a favourite pair??
Which colour is it?


  1. My favorite pair is a green one currently!

  2. Wow! Well-painted. I love black shoes. Always classy. :)

  3. Wow,gorgeous,love the colours,and the stitch detail on those gorgeous green shoes,you have painted! I love drawing clothes,accessories and shoes,imagining the perfect pair,you wish you had :D

    So sorry I havent stopped by in a while,I havent had a chance to blog in a while :(

    Hope your well and have been having a lovely week so far x


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