Monday, 23 May 2011

Thank you.....U are tooo sweet!!

I am so thankful to you guys....for giving my shop such a warm welcome. I am so grateful for being around such humble and kind people. So here is a card just for you guys.
Thank you!!!
This card is made with some handmade pattern papers.
The cupcakes are hand-drawn and painted with acrylic colours.
Finished with some bling and ribbon.
 A closer look at the cupcake. (doesn't it look yum? )


  1. Yummy indeed! I would love one of those right about now! Love the bright colours! :)

  2. congrats on opening your etsy shop!!! this cupcake card is so adorable :)!!

  3. That's really pretty :) Thanks for your comment.

  4. you made that card?! it's adorable! and congratulations!

    thanks for visiting us!

    -j, your newest follower :)
    sorelle in style

  5. thanks for the comment! It's too sweet! We could be followers each other!what do you think?


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